Together we are /with Ukraine

We are now at a breaking point in our history — the war is not just Ukraine's problem, the whole world must stand up and help. Whatever you do, please do not stay silent.

No one should run to a bomb shelter or route to refuge behind borders. People of Ukraine need support. Now. Together we show solidarity — you don’t just buy a t-shirt, you make a donation and get to demonstrate your support for Ukraine on the streets to keep everyone’s attention on the war crisis.

100% of the sales will be split between two humanitarian initiatives — Zeilen van Vrijheid foundation in The Netherlands and Anton Belinskliy’s foundation in Ukraine.

Free Ukraine

"The Ukrainian passport is a historical symbol representing our heritage. But to me, the idea of a passport is about where people belong, what burdens them, and who they want to be. The Ukrainian passport has changed drastically throughout history. Even in the time that I’ve been incorporating passport imagery into my garments, it has changed from paper to biometric. The evolution of identity documents interests me." — Anton Belinskiy

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By Anton Belinskiy

This t-shirt is designed by Anton Belinskiy, a Ukrainian creative director in fashion, who transformed his atelier in Kyiv to the needs of military and civilian defenders.

  • No one makes any profit

    No one makes any profit

    The first 100 t-shirts are donated to our cause by Superette and the following will come at the purchase price — our partner will not make any profit on this. The designer, who delivered the print, is doing this for free. Distribution is managed by Bordello A Parigi at no costs.

  • High-quality print

    High-quality print

    We work with Superette for GOTS certified eco-friendly printing on organic cotton. The brand of t-shirts are STANLEY/STELLA — the most sustainable textile label worldwide.

  • For every sale we donate

    For every sale we donate € 50

    The first 100 t-shirts are a gift of Superette, so 100% of sales can be donated. After that, 100% sale profits will be donated to the selected foundations. In the checkout process it’s possible to donate even more.

Zeilen van Vrijheid / The Sails of Freedom

You will support

Foundation Zeilen van Vrijheid / The Sails of Freedom

We are a group of volunteers living in the Netherlands and Germany, putting together humanitarian convoys to Ukraine. We have a benefit of staying in direct contact with Ukrainian hospitals and Ukrainian officials, including the office of the President of Ukraine and the office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We collect donations and buy used ambulances and minivans which are needed by hospitals and the army in Ukraine. We filled them with medications and humanitarian goods and we convoy them over the border to the end destination. We do not have salaried employees and have low administrative costs, so all your donations will be spent on new convoy of ambulance and support cars, medical goods and supplies purchases, export clearance, fuel and related delivery costs.

Zeilen van Vrijheid / The Sails of Freedom

You will support

Foundation Anton Belinskiy Studio

As the war in Ukraine rages on, fashion designer Anton Belinsky and his studio remain in Kyiv to support Ukrainian soldiers by sewing balaclavas, thermal underwear and vests. We need your financial support to pay for materials, logistics and people’s work. The area where our studio is located was recently bombed, but we don’t know the extent of the damages and are unable to check. Right now, we are just living through the moment and trying to stay safe and help as much as we can. All together. We will be grateful for your trust. Rest assured that we will document all of the money we spend and make those expenses transparent to our partners. Glory to Ukraine! Love will win.